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The Power Of Touch


I have created this site to make it easier for you to decide whether or not your ready to cast your aside pain and begin living. You don't have to suffer. Even debilitating pain can make it's home in treatable soft tissue problems.

I'm here for you, to listen to your queries and answer your questions. Read on if you're interested in:

  • giving pain the boot
  • moving easily and with purpose
  • being more energetic
  • engaging fully with any of your life's passions
  • sleeping soundly like a baby
  • throwing out excessive tension
  • casting off the effects of stress


Tired of pain?

Pain can leap from some surprising places. It's roots can trail some way. Are you tired enough of pain to wake up to living without it? Discover how powerful massage can be and open your eyes to a new experience.

Abandon tension from old and tired posture patterns, say goodbye to pain. Tension can feel like you're imprisoned  in a suit of armour. Are you ready to give up battling through your day? There are no medals, after all!

Stand tall! Enjoy great posture

Feel and look taller. Balanced posture leaves you upright with open chest and relaxing shoulders. Move gracefully and with purpose, poised and ready for what life throws at you.

Keeping your body in tune

Investing in your amazing body does pay off. Enjoy the benefits and rewards of keeping your body in tune. Play the game of life in your own your way. Overcome barriers, hurdles and obstacles and seize opportunity wherever it lies.

Ongoing maintenance

Regular deep tissue massage and myofascial release is a fantastic way banishing the gremlins and chasing out the niggles to keep you in action. An opportunity too to address areas of concern before they become an issue.

Health is in your nature

Being healthy and pain-free is your natural state. You don't have to surrender that, ever.

It’s amazing how small your world can become when you're in pain. The smallest tasks can become huge, arduous chores.

A helping hand

Give your body the helping hand it deserves and realise your full potential and live life like it's an adventure (if that's your thing) or in a comfortable, relaxed way if it's not.


Every body is different

Your treatment is as individual as you are. There is no one-size-fits-all routine or formula for effective treatment. We assess and address what your body needs and respond when it does.

Awareness of postural shifts as they occur is key making sense of the clues held in the picture tension.

Even on the couch, posture is observable while restrictions surrender and ease is triumphant.


Take that first easy step to find out how massage can help you.