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The Power Of Touch


Move more effortlessly

Welcome to my website. I have created these pages to give you a taste of how massage might be for you. To allow you to take the first step into the natural world of wellbeing.

Wellbeing is your natural default state and something which we connect with during a typical session.

The power of massage, the test of time

When you experience the warm release of melting tissue which massage brings, you can get a real sense of the age-old tradition of this ancient modality.

The laying on of hands in a meaningful way bourn from intention and connecting with the natural healing forces of our amazing bodies means we can tap into natures own immense energy.

The flexibility of focus to allow change to occur

There is always a benefit in every session whether or not you are currently in pain or recognise dysfunction.

Massage can be a purely restful and deeply relaxing experience to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Bringing back a sense of balance.

The more specialised techniques of massage

Active lifestyles and pushing your body to it's limits might mean you're more inclined towards sports, deep tissue massage or myofascial release. We can address areas of concern, where muscular tiredness, tightness, tension or dysfunction may have become the norm.

Maintenance and prevention

Regular treatments to keep everything moving more easily is a great way of catching ares of concern before they become an issue.

Every body is different

At the heart of an effective treatment is treating you as the individual you are.

It is amazing how tension, holding and postural patterns can cause discomfort, create pain and dysfunction. This is why looking at your body as a whole is important.

Being healthy and fit is your true nature

Being healthy and pain-free is your natural state.

It’s amazing just how small your world can become because of pain or because you’re not able to move naturally and in a comfortable way.

Give your body the helping hand it deserves.

About Me

My massage journey began in Bury, Lancashire at the Northern Institute of Massage. After eighteen months of intensive training, studying and submitting case studies, I emerged with a Diploma in Remedial Massage.

Take that first easy step to find out how massage can help you.