Case Studies

Below are details of some of the people I have helped.

David came to see me because his GP thought massage may be useful in the recovery of the torn right pectoralis (chest) muscle he had diagnosed. In his heavy engineering work, David was finding it increasingly difficult to handle this painful condition at work and was concerned the pain was due to a heart problem.

In my assessment of the condition, I couldn’t find anything wrong with David’s shoulder muscles or joint.

On assessing his neck, however, I found his range of movement to be restricted and he had pain on movement. David did exhibit a head forward posture and was tender in his scalene muscles (there are 3 each side of the forward part of the neck). David had also reported a heavy oppressive feeling at the back of his neck and had frequent headaches.

I used trigger point release, deep tissue massage and myofascial release techniques to lengthen and release these muscles.

Following the treatment, David reported he was completely pain free. The pain he had been experiencing was referred pain coming from the brachial plexus (nerve network that serves the arms and chest) being impinged by the scalene muscles.

David thought the stiffness and restriction in his neck was the norm and had learned to live with it. I saw David twice more and after the first treatment he had reported that the headaches had stopped and he had not had any more pain in his chest.