Head Forward Posture

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This is a very common posture pattern. You will notice the neck is being pulled forward, this is caused by the Scalene muscles at the front of the neck being too short. Notice also that the shoulders are being pulled forward and that the backs of the hands are facing forward, this is due to the pectoralis major & pectoralis minor being short.

The origins of pain can be surprising
With this pattern, pain is rarely felt in the chest or the front of the neck. There are a wide variety symptoms arising from a head forward posture. These can include shooting pains, pins and needles, numbness, loss of strength in the shoulders, arms and hands. Other symptoms include aches, soreness and pain between the shoulder blades, back of the neck and base of the skull. Sternocliedomastoideus is usually short in these cases, again these are at the front of the neck, and are known to be the source of headache, migraine, pain in the jaw and even tooth ache. Some cases of tinnitus have been identified as being responsible for trigger points in this muscle.

Strength in shortness
The reason for these muscles being short is often poor posture (extended periods of laptop work or reading and any other activity that requires long periods of looking down). If a muscle is held in a shortened position it will become short by facilitation. A muscle that is short becomes stronger and so the opposing muscles are fighting a losing battle when it comes to maintaining correct posture and pain is often the result.

Restoring good posture
Shortened muscles can be lengthened by using soft tissue release methods. We can then work towards restoring good posture by interrupting the perpetual fight that can exist between some opposing muscle groups.