Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release: this technique works on releasing holding or stress patterns within the body. The term myofascia denotes the bundled together, inseparable nature of muscle tissue (myo-) and its accompanying web of connective tissue (fascia). This fascia not only surrounds the muscle, but also binds the individual fibres.

Often the fascia adversely affects our muscles, in that sometimes some of our muscles may be ‘locked’ in a shortened position. Where a muscle is ‘locked’ in a shortened position, it naturally becomes stronger and this also means that there are muscles that are being held in a lengthened state as a result.

With myofascial release techniques, we are aiming to release the fibres of the myofascia in order that the muscle may return to its natural balanced state. When a muscle is shortened, it also has an effect on the rest of the body. In a chronic case of musculo skeletal dysfunction, other areas that have become involved may also need to be treated.

Myofascial Release differs from other forms of massage in that there is little or no lubricant, but care is taken to ensure that the skin is not irritated. The object is to grip the tissue and move it to create release or to separate adjecent tissue that may have developed adhesions. This technique is used to contact deep tissue as well as superfiscial, tissue, fascia and and other affected structures.