handsQuite recently, someone asked me a question. It was one of those moments when time freezes. The profound thing was, the more I attempted to grapple for an answer, the more elusive the words became.

The questioner was an astute and diligent client. It seemed the longer the pause grew, the clearer the vivid picture of expectation was that appeared to be painting itself across her face.

All sorts of images flashed through my mind, along with fragments of profound sounding statements. It all seemed to be expanding and spiralling out of control like some spontaneous and mad candy floss machine, the mass of which was growing exponentially, an entire emerging universe of sugary strands leading off in all directions.

It began to dawn on me that I hadn’t a clue as to what I was going to say. So, I opened my mouth and hoped for the best and word after word tumbled out, almost of their own accord. I was hoping that my sentences would somehow become greater than the sum of their words.

Her expression appeared to go from mild confusion to intrigue and surprise before turning into something else entirely, which certainly felt as though it had some semblance of understanding within it.

The whole experience enabled me to realise just how much those hours of endless reading and studying that go into being the best therapist I can be really means. It is that knowing that the work I do as a practitioner is to create that starting point and then to provide ongoing cues for the body to maintain that impetus as it uses its own innate intelligence to heal itself as body and mind reconnects. It is that engaging with intuition as we allow all of the ingredients to somehow conglomerate as they homogenise and create that rich and varied soup which nourishes the very inspiration and passion that drives us to achieve those things that can mean so much.

I explained how I’m always amazed at the amount of information that can be gleaned through finger tips and enquiring hands as I work with tissue. Building pictures, collages of what is going on beneath the surface. Feeling how the body responds and reacts as length and release is restored into those areas where those things ought to be. There is often a chain reaction of events that unfolds within the body, which clearly demonstrates how everything is connected to everything else through the wonderfully intriguing myofascial network. Posture changes as the body yields to the varying stimuli of the range of therapeutic interventions available, communicating with the body in such a way in order for it to create an environment in which it can relinquish all of the things that are appropriate, in order for dysfunction and pain to diminish.

I wasn’t really prepared for all of the thought provoking ideas that emerged from one simple question, “How the hell do you do that?” I’m thankful she asked.


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