Remedial & Sports Massage FAQ

  •  How much of my clothing will I have to remove, I do feel self conscious about this?

You will only need to remove clothing from the area to be treated. However, with the effective use of towels, only the area being worked on will be exposed. I always ensure that the client is comfortable. If I need to adjust clothing I will always ask for your permission first. I don’t do naturist massage, so don’t permit the complete removal of underwear.


  • How long will it be before I feel the effects of treatment?

This really depends on quite a few factors. This varies depending on the person being treated, how long the condition has existed, muscles and other structures involved, etc. However, most people feel a positive change immediately, although it can take a week or more for the full effects to be felt.


  • How many treatments will it take?

Again, this is a difficult question to answer. It generally takes more than one treatment for full recovery. Although, there is no obligation to make further appointments, you are in charge.