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My massage journey began in Bury, Lancashire at the Northern Institute of Massage. After eighteen months of intensive training, I became a qualified therapist with a diploma in Remedial Massage.
Pain has motivated me to explore the most effective treatment methods to ensure you get the results you’re looking for. Pain is a great teacher.

Continuous professional development

I’ve studied with some of the best teachers and mentors in the field of massage. There is much more to achieving great results than simply apply techniques by rote. A good treatment should evolve and adapt to the client’s responses as the treatment progresses. Being well is your natural default state, with this in mind I find I can achieve better outcomes with my clients.

* Ralph Stevens — Medical Massage for the cervical region and lower extremities. Ralph is a fantastic therapist and teacher with a natural ability to share and get the best from his students.
* Art Riggs — Myofascial Release. Art taught me the importance and power of intention when working with the fascial network specifically and when working with people generally.
* Michael Watson — Anatomy Trains Levels 1&2 (fascial release for structural balance). Michael opened up a whole new world of using massage to achieve even better results in my business.

The importance of the mind-body connection when treating pain

The mind plays a huge role in the way we experience life. This is the main reason for becoming a Clarity Practitioner with Jamie Smart. 

Treating the whole person

I am qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  hypnotherapy and I am also a Clarity Practitioner (this is a form of coaching based on the three principles approach, which guides people towards tapping into their inner resources). My interest in the mind enables me to offer you a complete service which focuses on working holistically. Pain can have surprising origins.

Please feel free to contact me if I can help you further