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So Yesterday I went to see Kevin for myofascial and deep tissue massage. I book these appointments as often as my schedule allows. If you train more regularly, so should you. Bodywork is an essential part of any athlete’s program.

I arrived complaining that my glute medius (hips) on both sides felt strained and lower back felt a bit tight.

Within 5 minutes of assessing me Kevin informed me that tibialis anterior (shin) was inhibiting my ability to internally rotate my right hip, psoas (hip flexor) was restricting my range of movement of the left hip, and as a result, I had excessive anterior (forward) tilt of the pelvis, I was engaging my right quadriceps almost permanently due to extending through the knee joint, and iliacus (hip flexor) was incredibly tight.

There were many other details and factors, but I simply can’t remember all of them.

– Tristan Kobayashi, Newcastle upon Tyne – High Capacity Movement Specialist and Instructor – www.walkthefire.co.uk 

I contacted Kevin because I had been suffering with a great deal of back pain on a daily basis. I came across Kevin via recommendations from friends who had also visited him with muscular problems and benefited from his work.

During the initial assessment I found it wasn’t actually back pain but some tissue had become stuck and needed coaxing back into it’s normal state.

The result was amazing, I had suffered for several years and took it as a sign of “getting old” but Kevin reassured me this was not the case and after the very first myofascial release session I could feel a significant difference, after a few more sessions my problem was solved and I have not looked back since.

One thing I liked was his professionalism and knowledge, something you don’t always come across.
I would recommend Kevin Bryden to anyone who needs any form of treatment for pain.

– Dave Shannon; South Shields, Tyne and Wear


Kevin’s is a very talented bodyworker. He put me right in my body and made me feel safe in it.

Although Kevin has a wealth of qualifications and experience he also has a strong intuitive knowing of what you body needs to release and let go of. A session can make me feel like I’ve done a potent yoga class, my body feels so light and free.

Kevin is a caring, considerate and compassionate therapist – a real safe pair of hands!

– Sarah Fae – Yoga Teacher, Chester le Street, Co Durham


“It is rare to find someone with such passion and knowledge for what he does. After 15 years of competing I find myself extremely lucky to get regular massage from Kevin.”

Mark Hood, Houghton le Spring, Tyne and Wear – 2008 England Cross Country International.