Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger point therapy came about from the dedicated work of Dr’s Travell and Simons, both of whom worked well past retirement age to expand on their work.

Trigger points occur when the sarcomere in muscles are in a permanent state of contraction. Sarcomeres are the places when muscle contraction takes places, there are millions within the body. In this state, the site of the trigger point is starved of oxygen, which allows toxins and waste products to build up in that area. In order to address this situation the body generates pain in an attempt to make us take rest and relax. Although rest may make the pain disappear, it comes back quite quickly when we return to our normal activities.

Trigger points will often refer their pain to other parts of the body. Releasing trigger points will allow the affected area to return to its normal state. This type of treatment usually achieves positive results quickly, particularly in conjunction with myofascial release.